Listen. Learn. Lead.

Abam is passionate about leadership in a cross-cultural context. Drawing from her experience living and leading teams on three continents, and background in employment law and corporate compliance, she brings a fresh and unique perspective to conversations around inclusive leadership and workplaces. Examples of talks include:


  • Diversity as a Culture Multiplier: Lessons from Bungee- Jumping, The Hunchback, Ladakh and Snow White

  • What Your Employees Don't Tell You Can Hurt You

  • Embedding a Values-Based Organizational Culture in a VUCA Environment  


Empower. Educate. Engage

Abam believes in the power of storytelling to inspire, connect and rally. With passion, humour and candour, she draws from her travels, leadership, and experiences as a migrant, expat and working mom to inspire audiences to take calculated life risks, reexamine long-held views and remove self-limiting beliefs. Talks have included:


  • Daring to Dance: Five Risks Well Worth The Trouble for  Personal and Professional Growth

  • Creating and Owning Your Seat at the Table

  • The Trouble with Silence

  • Connecting Threads: Commonalities as a Springboard for  Change

I first heard Abam speak about diversity and inclusion at The Boardroom Africa's Open Doors boardroom training, which was organized by the Institute of Directors [...] The TED-style talk she delivered was contextual and provided valuable insights into how diversity and inclusion stregthens decisionmaking and improves organizational outcomes. A leader in her own right, she amplifies the voices of others and advocates for those who do not feel empowered to speak their truth. Abam is one to watch and follow. Brava!

Lade Araba

Managing Director, Africa at Convergence Blended Finance


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