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     Abam Mambo on why she started her podcast

Abam is a highly sought-after speaker on Bias and the Inclusive Workplace, Empowerment, and Inspired Leadership. A writer, lawyer, and podcast host, Abam is a gifted storyteller who brings passion, dynamism and a unique perspective to the stage.

Her experience counselling Fortune 500 C-suite executives, living and leading teams on three continents, and writing have endowed her with an uncanny ability to connect with audiences, and to communicate in a cross-cultural and trans-hierarchical context. She has spoken at corporate events and trainings, congresses, and commencements in nearly a dozen countries. Notable appearances include the World Health Organization, GSK, Transparency International, Corporate Counsel Women of Color, and The Boardroom Africa.

She is the founder and creative mind behind MamaTokTok - a media platform whose mission is to spark needed dialogues in workplaces and communities by inviting in diverse perspectives. She hosts a weekly podcast, MamaTokTok's A Different Take.

Corporate Background

For over twelve years, Abam has advised Fortune 500 executives on workplace issues, corporate compliance, inclusion and diversity. As a regional leader, she has lived and managed teams in North America, Africa and Asia. A  prize-winning writer, Abam’s fiction, poetry and essays focus on voice, cultural silencing and identity. She has been published in magazines in North America and Africa, including Antilang, African Roar, Farafina, Kalahari Review, and Wards. She sits on the board of Nairobi-based tech start-up, Brave Venture Labs.

She earned her Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School where she served as Contributing Editor to the Michigan Law Review, and her Bachelor of Arts, summa cum laude, from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. A self-professed nomad, many of her talks draw from lessons she acquired during her travels. 

"I believe that dialoguing is critical to building trust and connection, and to drive performance. Too many times, the only thing standing between us and others, our goals or dreams is a good, honest conversation. But I also know that sometimes having or even starting that conversation is hard. So I spark those conversations, you know... We've got to start somewhere!"


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